Tentacular Dreaming is a movement-based participatory research method. It draws upon collective conscious dreaming practices as well as contemporary neuroscience, linking the ability to dream with the capacity for empathy. Using a modular set of somatic tasks and guidelines, the method applies dreaming principles to collective embodied experiences, setting the stage for letting go of patterns and for rehearsing alternative narratives for more response-able futures.

We are looking for participants for the movement LAB between 16.01 and 27.01.2023. During the practice we make ourselves into vibrating and permeable bodies, knowingbody compasses with fluid identities, tentacular bodies with panoramic visions, capable of adopting multiple perspectives at once. Through the playful and performative process we enter symbiotic entanglements and inhabit ever-changing dream landscapes.

The LAB will consist of two modules:
16 – 20.01.2023 → guided workshops and improvisation
23 – 27.01.2023 → working towards a potential a performative outcome

It is possible to participate just in the first or in both modules. The participation is free.

We will practice for 4 hours a day. We will try to adapt times to availabilities of the group.

The process will be guided by Maja Renn (www.majarenn.ch | @maja.renn) and accompanied by live music by Zaumne (www.zaumne.bandcamp.com | @mina_kiedy_smut).

Some parts of the process will be documented on video. You will be welcome to use the material for your portfolio.

To apply please write to info@majarenn.ch including:

→ your motivation to participate and what you hope to get from the experience
→ your experience with performance and/or movement (videos very welcome)
→ which module you would like to participate and your time availabilities.

Places are limited. Application on rolling basis.

Location: Tanzhaus, Wasserwerkstrasse 127a, 8037 Zürich

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