Like Human
short film, 5'25''

After Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams

Direction: Maja Renn 
Performance: Alicia Aumüller & Maja Renn
Music: Magda Drozd
Dramaturgy: Bendix Fesefeldt 
Production: Aaron Fuchs

Like Human is an adaptation of a fragment from the book Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams, in which the author relates his ventures to encounter various species on the brink of extinction.
In the original text the narrator describes his first meeting with a black mountain gorilla. The two observe each other from distance, reach out towards each other and slowly come closer.
The anthropocentric monolog from the book was re-written into an imaginary dialog between the man and the animal. The film fantasises of how the two may perceive each other and imagines misleading assumptions they may be making. Slow transition from one to the other perspective exposes unexpected commons and blurry the boundary between the two species. The close encounter triggers an instant realisation, that regardless of the impossibility to understand one another, the existences of those two creatures have always and forever will leave traces on each others histories and are inevitably and perpetually entangled.

Like Human was first presented in June 2021 as part of the cycle Close Encounters during the «Wetterleuchten» open-air cinema at the Schiffbau, Schauspielhaus Zürich.


Screening at the Kick Off Perfo festival, Galeria Ul, Gdańsk (PL), August 2021

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